To coexist is to learn

One of the most intense and exciting experiences of the school year is when shared experience projects are undertaken. The students enjoy a few days away from the school during which they get to know themselves, each other and their educators better.


There are experiences which we will remember for a long time to come. You only need see the faces of the students on their return to know that camps are just one of those experiences. These are just a few days of living together during which there are a great many activities helping us to get to know our natural environment better as well as to learning and experiencing a great many things about animals, plants, the environment, games and mountain sports…All while being with friends with those they have shared some unique experiences binding them yet more.


Sport, nature, fun and values. In few words this is how the Curset d’Esquí (Ski short course) can be summed up and which we organise during Ski Week. Students of 5th Year Primary to 2nd Year of E.S.O. can register on the trip. It is an incredible experience during which school mates and the school’s educators spend time and learn together.


To travel is to learn. The trip to Madrid with students of 3rd Year of E.S.O. is a different and enriching experience during which they will get to know about the cultural heritage of the Spanish Golden Age: They visit the Prado Museum, watch a classical play and take part in various cultural activities related to the period. Shall we go?


During these camps we combine fun and adventure activities at the same time as living together and speaking one language: English.

The destination is always extraordinary as we look for places which are rich and varied in unrivalled areas.

There is always a native English speaker with the group coordinating the activities and providing explanations for everything the group needs to know as well as energising leisure time in English.


Students of 1st and 2nd Year of E.S.O.

The basic objective is total immersion in the English language and culture with the concrete aim of improving the communicative abilities of the student in English.

The children are billeted with an English family so that they live at the heart of the host family and take part in their day-to-day life. Every family is scrupulously chosen by the organisation´s management.

The children attend a secondary school where the students are able to experience the school life of an English adolescent and the pace of their studies. They attend the same classes as the English students such as maths, science, physical education, history, arts…


I love London! The graduation trip
The best is always saved until last. So when they graduate from Princess Margaret International School our older students undertake a trip to London to speak English, sail up the Thames, visit the best museums, watch a show or play, go on a trip to Cambridge…The best ending to school is this trip.

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