To form the students in the fullest sense, motivating them to discover and achieve their full potential. To help them to build their own identity, while respecting themselves and their environment in order to be able to contribute to the improvement of society.


To be, in Barcelona, the leading school in personalized, innovative and international education, preparing students to overcome the challenges of a global world.


Why are we as we are?

Values make us the way we are; to be authentic and genuine about ourselves, to differentiate us from others and encourage us to behave as we do. These are the values that define Princess Margaret International School.


We understand solidarity from the sense of belonging to a group based on multiple interests. The school is an ideal environment in which to behave in solidarity with the peers, teachers and parents who form it. As well to incorporate it into ourselves and put it into practice in our surroundings thereby improving a little more each day.


Our culture, customs and habits make us view the world in a specific way. However there are many ways to view and experience the world. In a multi-cultural society like ours, tolerating differing or even conflicting points of view to our own, is a sign of personal growth and inner fulfilment.


The diversity of our environment requires us to integrate all that which is different, with empathy while highlighting the ideals of cooperation. It also means tolerating those who may be unlike us whilst respecting them by completely appreciating the wealth that cultural diversity brings.


All of our actions have consequences. Everything we do affects people or things. We believe it fundamental to educate in personal responsibility, the need to resolutely assume our obligations with perseverance all while accepting the consequences of our actions. A more accountable world is a more understanding and happy world.


School has to be the setting where norms of basic coexistence are strengthened in line with out principles. By acting with strength of character to seek beyond indiviual benefit, collective benefit signifies behaving honestly.We educate to bring honesty to wherever we may be, from school to the family and ourselves, to whichever community we may belong.


The world is in constant flux. To be able to face the world these days is to know how to adapt to change, to be able to resolve new situations which confront us every day. This cannot be memorised, it has to be learned. To be creative is to be able to confront new challenges; therefore we teach to strengthen the flow of critical and creative thought, the flexibility to adapt, originality of ideas, the capability to synthesise and analyse, the opportunity to reorganise and redefine oneself, ideological receptiveness and the ability to appreciate others.

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