A school is comprised of experiences that create ever-lasting impressions

We are that that we experience and at a school students have some of the most important experiences of their lives. The experiences enjoyed are remembered for years to come, are part of ourselves and make us as we had dreamed, we would be or even better yet. Have you ever thought that one day you would be as you are today?


A school:
The reasons for choosing it

Why did we choose Princess Margaret International School? Why would we do it again? No-one can explain it better than those who have once experienced it. Possibly because the same doubts may have arisen and questions may have been considered by those who have to make that choice today. But why choose Princess Margaret International School?


We keep counting on you

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First video: Reyes Bertran · Andrea Codina · Thaïs Botinas · Martina Casanovas

Second video: Anna Troya · Joana Casanovas · Gerlac Fité · Paula Ruiz · Familia Tordera Flamarich

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